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Is it safe to apply for credit cards online? 

It is not just safe to do it online, but rather the safest way to apply for a credit card! When you send your application though the mail, you always have that chance of somebody tampering with your envelope. Where as, when you apply online, your information goes directly to the bank, thus minimizing the risk of identity theft.


Does Credit Card Database store any of my information? 

No, we never store or take any of your personal information. 

Here at, we value your privacy and always strive to insure maximum safety to the users. That is why we offer secure transfer to the bank's website and thus your applicationzs and information is securely stored on bank's servers and not on ours. In fact, as part of our privacy policy, we will never ask for any of your information on our website or over the phone.


How long does it take to get an approval answer?  

It depends on each bank, some provide an instant approval response and some take up to 30 days and send their answer in the mail. Most banks, however, send notices of declined applications in the mail.

If I'm approved for a credit card how long does it take to get it in the mail?

Typically, it arrives as early as 7 business days after your application date, but sometimes it takes up to 4 weeks. Please call the bank directly to verify the delivery of your newly approved card.


How often to you add new offers?

We constantly negotiate with banks and look for new exciting offers that we can provide to our loyal users. We try to evaluate new offers and add on them on weekly basis. Please be aware, that in today's unhealthy economy, the best offers are constantly pulled by banks and reduced in quality, that is why we always advise applying for the best available card today, rather than waiting for what can be available later.


What kind of support does offer for each credit card?

We are here to answer any questions that you might have before applying for a credit card and we will be please to hear back from you after you choose and apply to a credit card of your choice. However, we do not offer specific support for an opened credit card account and thus all customer service related issues must be addressed directly to the issuers/bank.